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Mental Health and Emotional Development Solutions

For Individuals, Couples, Organizations and Groups

Nancy Dranitsaris,BA (Spec Hons Psych) RIHR CAHT

Emotional Wellness Therapist and Mindfulness Facilitator
Organizational Consultant and Coach
Intuitive Counsellor and Speaker

Please Note:

The Psychotherapy Services provided are NOT covered by OHIP, and, at this time, Psychotherapy is NOT covered by most extended benefits providers, unless the services are performed by a Registered Psychologist. If you are relying on such coverage, please check with your benefits provider before scheduling an appointment.

Psychotherapy Is Essential to Our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health

Specializing In The Treatment of: 
Anxiety & Depression

Stress & Pain Management

Marital Preparation

Relationship Issues

Grief and Loss

Self-Esteem Issues

Career and Life-Change Counseling

Personality Type including Striving Styles™  and MBTI®

Sexuality/Gender Identity Issues

Spiritual Guidance

Psychotherapy is a courageous journey through which we explore and understand the things we struggle with in our lives, and we work to move past them in order to make new opportunities for living the life we desire. Insight alone is not enough to overcome the barriers to our happiness and success; we must have new experiences and embrace new behaviours.

The psychotherapy services that I offer help people to identify the behavioural patterns and belief systems that are creating difficulty in their lives. It then helps to create an understanding of what is being expressed through the behaviour, and assists in developing practical plans of action to eliminate the behaviors and adapt new, growth-oriented habits to replace them.

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