When faced with circumstances that go beyond our current experience or ability, there is only one solution - to find expert help to give you new options and choices, to provide you with new tools and skills, and to see you through the development of the new behaviours that will support you in moving forward.

As a Psychotherapist with 14 years of experience in practice, I work with individuals and couples to identify and overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of having the life or relationships they want to have. Working with Psychodynamic, Mindfulness-Based and Cognitive-Behavioural therapies, and weaving in elements of current Neuroscience on brain development and learning, I combine the strengths of many approaches to individual and relational healing and growth.

I will guide you from that state of “barely surviving” to one of self-awareness, and then onto self-fulfillment. Together, we will strengthen your good habits, and determine what needs to change in order to become functional, then flourishing. You can stop reacting to life after it happens, and start responding to it while it’s going on, right now!

It all begins with self-awareness: the key place where we understand how we actually behave and interact in the world, and what needs to change. Knowledge of what we do is not enough; we must understand the nature of what motivates and drives our thoughts, feelings and actions. Only then is forward movement possible, and it from this key place that the work I perform branches out.

Facing Challenges Elsewhere?

Psychotherapy is not your path, my scope of practice includes a number of personal and organizational development and wellness services that may be more suitable. There is a common platform: to help create self-awareness and an understanding of what is normal for each individual, couple or group. 

The services for individuals include private and group
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs, Personality Assessments for personal, relationship and career development. Programs and Workshopsare also available. A new calendar will be up shortly.

For organizations, my services includes the Corporate Confidante Coaching Program, workplace Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs,Personality Assessments, and Behavioural Change and Development Programs for leaders, teams or employees. If you are looking for workshops to address specific behavioural, interpersonal or relational skills development, look no further than this point.

I invite you to explore this website to discover the many helpful services offered, read my personal blog, and discover tools and methods that you can use to facilitate your journey. Or, if you've read enough, and want to contact me now,
click here!

Wishing you the best in life!

With Offices in Scarborough (Guildwood) and Toronto (Greektown/Riverdale) ON, Canada

Sessions are also available by phone/Facetime or by Skype

Phone: 416 276 4789

Email: nancy@nancydranitsaris.com

Skype: nancy@nancydranitsaris.com

Nancy Dranitsaris, RP, RIHR, CAHT

Registered Psychotherapist 
Mindfulness and SMART Facilitator
Organizational Consultant and Coach

Based in Scarborough and Toronto, ON, Canada

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